#BestYearEver: a second chance for 2020

Whilst the current situation seems to suggest that we should look towards the future with a sense of pessimism and discouragement, we don't actually believe that this is the case. At Spring Hotels, we're confident that, little by little, the next few months will see a return of inspiration and hope, and that we'll manage to make all the necessary commitments in order to adapt to and overcome the changes that this new paradigm undoubtedly brings with it. For this reason, in March we created #BestYearEver, a dynamic movement and one with which we want to square up to 2020 together with our future guests.

#BestYearEver was born as a call to action to turn 2020 around from Tenerife. It's an optimistic con-cept that encourages us to escape from our difficult present moment by imagining a brighter fu-ture ahead.

Today, #BestYearEver has become a reality; a series of exclusive events in which we'll be joined by national and international celebrities who wanted to join the cause. These stars have a vital role to play, as they will be the ones organising and hosting their own celebrations in our hotels. In this way, we're able to join forces to create memorable experiences that, despite the context, will change the way our guests remember this difficult year.



The #BestYearEver agenda,as with the rest of the services on offer, will take place across our three hotels throughout the remainder of the year. Unique celebrations centred around gastronomy, well-being and entertainment, with which we hope to provide our guests with a much-deserved “extra”, guaranteeing at all times their safety and that of our staff. More information can be found at www.bestyearever.es